Laura Humphrey

Supplier Development Manager

After University plans were temporarily put on hold and Laura found herself immersed the world of High Street fashion purely by chance. Despite only being deemed a stop gap before heading off to pursue Journalism, she was very quickly bitten by the Topshop career bug and found herself chasing development and challenges rather than picking up textbooks.

Career opportunities came thick and fast in the seven years that followed, and by 2011 Laura had secured the much coveted role of Brand Manager which saw her overseeing commercial and visual decision making on a day to day basis. 2011 was a pretty good year, as it also brought a much dreamt of wedding day – a complete DIY affair, often inspired by the glossy pages of Rock My Wedding, to the man of her dreams.

Fast forward a few more years, and Laura’s life took a huge turn when she was completely taken by surprise by the overwhelming joy motherhood brought about. Having spent the last ten years as the career girl of the family, chasing promotions rather than toddlers, it was never going to be an easy decision to walk away from Topshop, but what followed was the amazing chance to fully embrace family life whilst pursuing some new found career goals.

So here we are! Alongside being the founder of a Liberty print homewares collaboration, Laura now joins Rock My Ltd and couldn’t be any more over the moon about it! In her own words she feels like “the luckiest girl in the world”. Her desk is always graced with fresh flowers, she believes most problems can be solved with a good cup of tea and she’s totally obsessed with gorgeous photography, and, of course, her littlest love, daughter Bertie.